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SBAA represent and defend the interests of the business aviation in Switzerland at every necessary level to guarantee our global competitiveness.

An important part of SBAA mission is discuss the possible evolution of legislations but also infrastructures of regulation in our country, or a on a wider European level, with EBA, our European association and dedicated partners. Currently, we are working a on a few main topics listed below where we provide the view of the BizAv professional to the relevant regulators and authorities.

NPA FTL (Flight Time Limitations)

FTL requirements determine the maximum permissible duty periods, flight duty periods and minimum rest periods for pilots and cabin crew to ensure the safe operation of flights. They also prescribe limits for crew standby or other non-flying duties. In the commercial airline, such regulations are both really dense, very precise and totally unavoidable.

In the business aviation sector, the discussion is currently open with the various stakeholder. SBAA's position is very clear: no additional FTL. Indeed, any further constraints to the sector may possibly increase the pressure on the sector and impair its flexibility, which is central to the value proposition provided.

Air traffic overload at Geneva and Zurich airports.

Switzerland is an important place for Business Aviation ranking position #4 in Europe in terms of turnover and #5 in terms of jobs. With more than 17'300 direct and indirect full time jobs, Swiss BizAv sector total economic impact amounts to 3'746'706'000 €, slightly below the 3.75 €billion range (EBAA, 2017).

At each end of the country, in Geneva and Zurich, the traffic of standard commercial airports is growing fast and the availability of take-off/landing slots in both airport is increasingly complex, impacting the sector on its core USP: efficiency.

In Zurich, a possible solution - currently tested – is to use the near-by airport of Dübendorf, easily connected to the city center by public or private transports. The future collaboration looks promising and paves the way for other similar partnership in Switzerland.

In Geneva, the airport has a single runway and is fully surrounded by mountains that are both beautiful piece of rock and a major constraint for pilots. Business aviation can simply not be moved into other parts of Switzerland or surrounding France. It would lose its purpose, which is to bring world leaders and decision makers into the international city of Geneva. In Geneva alone, changing airport would endanger the 1200 direct jobs as much as the attraction of the region for international organisation and major international corporations.

“North sector Geneva Airport”

Geneva-airport has to redefine its infrastructures to face the traffic increase in the limited frame of possible extensions. One of the project is to analyze the feasibility to move BA activities the North sector of the airport on the horizon 2022. SBAA in association with the AGAA partners is very active in this project.

Analysis and review of the noise fees system affecting BA jets in Switzerland.

The current system of noise penalties is adverse in regard of the new generation BA jets. In collaboration with Dassault Aviation, SBAA is also working on this subject.